How Many Calories are Burned in Bikram Yoga?

Do you ever wonder how many calories are burned in Bikram yoga? You may have thought about this because apart from relaxation, you also want to lose weight in every yoga class. Bikram or Hot Yoga is an intensive form of meditative exercise done in a heated room. During the workout, you will definitely sweat profusely. This gives it a reputation for being an extreme and calorie burning form of yoga. But is there really truth to this? Do you really burn fats during the activity?

How many calories are burned in Bikram yoga?

Bikram Yoga for weight loss

According to the proponents of Bikram yoga, the activity allows you to be physically fit. It tones your muscles and sheds the excess pounds. By engaging in regular classes for a 30-day period, you can get the maximum benefits of weight loss.

You will see the noticeable change in your form and posture. The high temperature and 40% humidity brings intensity in the training. Together with the poses, this can be comparable to aerobic exercises.

Studies show that depending on the person’s muscle mass, metabolism and weight, calories are burned in the activity. So, how many calories are burned in Bikram yoga? It is approximately 500 to 1000 calories per session.


The calories burned in Bikram yoga serve as the pivotal point in starting a good weight loss program. But you must remember that the weight loss is primarily due to the intensive workout.

The 26 poses of Bikram Yoga give the high-intensity aerobic exercise. Bikram yoga is considered a good cardiovascular training. As to the heated temperature, it assists in increasing the body’s metabolism. But most of the weight you lose after training is on the water lost. You have to drink more water to keep your body hydrated and promote the burning of fats.

The teachings of yoga will tell you to balance everything. You have to completely let go of your cravings for material things to achieve the self-enlightenment. Focus your energy on your goals – that is to lose weight. Complement your efforts with healthy eating and lifestyle.

What are the other health benefits of Bikram Yoga?

Aside from the perceived assistance in weight loss, Bikram yoga has other health advantages. It is known to promote better blood circulation, improve the function of the vital organs in the body, strengthens the immune system, reduces all forms of pain, treats various diseases and promotes the overall mental and physical health.