6 Health benefits of Yoga you must know about it

Yoga originated in India thousands and thousands of years ago. Health benefits of yoga are well known to everyone and it is practiced by millions of people all around the world. In fact, yoga’s popularity shows no sign of waning and in fact, it’s on the rise because of the numerous health benefits of yoga that one may attain from this ancient discipline.

This article will highlight the health yoga benefits that you will derive from making yoga a part of your daily routine. If pressed for time, even doing yoga for 3 or 4 times a week will yield many positive effects on your mental and physical well-being.

6 Health benefits of Yoga you must know about it

Promote Better Sleep

One of the major health benefits of yoga is that it promotes better sleep. Millions of people around the world suffer from insomnia. This could be due to mental stress or a body that is not relaxed. Yoga will ease both mental and physical stress and help you hit the sack like a baby.

Reduce Metal stress

The reduction of mental stress is crucial to one’s good health. We live in a very fast-paced world and are bombarded by images, news, etc. on a daily basis. One needs time to sit and calm down. The daily stresses of the world will take a toll on our health and sanity if we do not have any downtime. Yoga provides that release. With its poses and breathing techniques, you will be able to relax de-stress and find some peace and mental clarity. This is priceless.

Helps to get better Posture

Yoga also makes you have a better posture and keeps your limbs and joints flexible and supple. As we age, we get stiffer muscles and joints. Gravity makes our spinal vertebrae get compressed. Yoga will help you to stretch your joints and allow blood to flow between the many crevasses within your body. This will not only provide blood flow to much-needed areas but will also wash out any impurities. Your core muscles will get stronger too from holding the yoga poses.

Helps you to lose weight quickly

Yoga will help you lose weight if it is used in conjunction with a sensible diet while you are on a caloric deficit. Morbidly obese people may find difficulty running or doing strenuous cardio because of the heavy weight on their joints. Since Yoga is a low impact exercise,

it will help these people out tremendously. They will be able to burn calories without enduring too much pain. However, you do not have to be obese to do yoga. If you prefer a slow rate of comfortable weight loss, yoga will be ideal for you too.

Increase Strength – yoga benefits

Yoga increases strength and muscle tone. However, do not expect similar results as resistance training. With yoga, since you will be holding the poses and using gravity and your body weight as a form of resistance training, you will become stronger and leaner. You will not be muscle bound but your strength will improve greatly.

Good for senior citizens

Yoga is an exercise that you can do all the way into your senior years. Unlike high impact sports such as interval training, kickboxing, etc. yoga is a milder, low impact discipline that is great for senior citizens too. So, even when you reach an age where other sports seem too tiring, yoga will still be your one true friend and you can always do it.