About healing Yoga and benefits of healing yoga

Healing Yoga follows classical Hatha Yoga techniques, including asana (posture), pranayama (breathing), meditation, and deep relaxation aimed at harnessing our mind and body’s natural, yet dormant, healing potential.

These ancient yogic practices begin with calming the mind. When the mind is calm and the body is relaxed, we are able to experience tremendous peace, and with the gradual stoppage of thoughts, we realize our true state of being – Ananda (bliss).

We learn how to remain in this state throughout our everyday activities and how to bring ourselves back to balance when we are feeling angry, stressed, tired or unhappy.

In a state of calmness, health improvement quickly emerges. We gain emotional balance and our will power increases. True spiritual growth begins to take place.

All too often mainstream yoga classes emphasize and focus on only a few of the benefits of yoga, mainly on various poses that increase strength and flexibility. But there is actually so much more to yoga.

The foundation of traditional yoga practice is silencing of the mind. Asanas (poses) are simply the means to keep the body healthy and strong so that we can experience this silence through other means such as pranayama and meditation.

Healing Yoga is not complete without the practice of all three:

  1. Asana for the physical body including cleansing of the organs and balancing the various systems (cardiovascular, digestive, nervous, etc.)
  2. Pranayama for blood purification and increasing energy levels by affecting the subtle layers of the body.
  3. Meditation for calming the mind, controlling emotions and development of spiritual practices.

The regular practice of yoga develops a pathway for the mind to transcend the physical, mental and intellectual layers of our makeup and allows us to experience our true nature – peace.

By bringing attention to our breath, we experience and feel the existence of prana (vital life force) and how our entire mind and body is positively or negatively affected by its flow.

Control of this prana through various deep breathing techniques can bring about numerous beneficial changes.

“The body becomes strong and healthy; excessive fat disappears, the face glows, the eyes are bright and the whole personality radiates a special charm. The voice becomes soft and melodious. The adept is no longer subject to illnesses. The process of digestion is eased. The whole body is purified and the mind improves in its ability to concentrate. Constant practices brings latent spiritual forces to life, and produces happiness and peace.” –Swami Sivananda

Healing Yoga attempt to restore our natural healthy state of being, strengthen the immune system, develop calmness and centeredness of the mind, guide us toward becoming more spiritual beings, and teach us how we can be in full control of our mental, emotional and physical state.

The mind is the cause of tremendous imbalance in the body. Various physical and mental conditions can be helped, if not cured, with the practice of these gentle, yet effective, yogic techniques.

Benefits of Healing Yoga

Helps improve health for people having: Helps bring emotional balance to people with: Gives the strength of will for control of: Results in spiritual growth by bringing:
Hypertension Depression Smoking Inner peace
Diabetes Sleep disorders Drinking Calmness
Obesity High Stress Drug abuse Increased creativity
Back Pain Restlessness/hyper Overeating Self-realization
Digestive disorders Anxiety/fear Caffeine addiction Wholeness
Chronic Fatigue Poor concentration Sugar dependency Contentment
Asthma/Allergies Overwork/exhaustion Nervous habit Knowledge