Hair Care Tips | 10 Steps to Wash your Hair the Right Way

Love to make beautiful hairstyles? Or just want to let your hair down on a sunny day? Or want to braid your hair for a playful look? We’re going to discuss a few hair care tips for you.

Women love to play with their hair and they consider them as one of the most important parts of their beauty. This is indeed correct, as healthy looking and shiny hair adds to the natural beauty of women and makes them look even more beautiful, confident and charming.

Whether the hair is straight or curly, thin or thick, black or blonde, it is every women’s dream to have shiny, silky, and beautiful long tresses to give them some confidence and Instagram worthy hair flips !!😉

But so many women, due to bad weather conditions, environmental pollutants and carelessness (no offence ladies) suffer from extensive hair breakage, dryness and stunted hair growth.

To gain good hair growth many factors are important along with the way to wash your hair because the way we wash our hair affects them adversely.

Vedyou brings you some hair care tips to make them healthier and longer:
1.      Don’t wash daily
Always remember, less is more. Excessive hair washing can remove all the natural oil from your scalp and can make it dry and flaky. As your scalp dries out, your hair will too. One should wash their hair twice a week so that the dust and dirt are removed and the hair is also not damaged.

2.     Prepare your hair
Before washing your hair, prepare them by oiling your hair for two to three hours beforehand. An oil massage will open the pores and enables better absorption of oil nutrients. Gently massage oil from the roots to the tips. You may use coconut oil, mustard oil or olive oil for preconditioning of your hair.

3.     Brush up your hair
To increase blood circulation, open up your pores and reduce the build-up of oils in your hair, brush out the knots and tangles before your shower. This will also help you rinse out your hair easily, before shampooing it. If you do rinse your hair during your shower, be extremely careful – hair is very fragile when it is wet.

4.     Use lukewarm water
We steamy showers are super relaxing, but they expose your hair strands to high temperature and makes them look dull and dry. So the best way is to use just warm water for washing your hair.
Also if possible you may invest in shower filters. Filtered water keeps your hair healthy and is also very good for the skin. Therefore, you should prefer filtered water for your hair bath.

5.     Use shampoos that suit your hair type
Every person has a different type of hair and scalp. Choosing the right shampoo can work wonders for your hair, while the wrong formulas and chemicals can ruin them fatally. If you have got oily hair, consider purifying shampoos and stay from the over hydrating and moisturizing ones. If on the other hand, your hair type is dry or frizzy, then opt for the smoothing and moisturizing formulas. For normal hair, you may use any gentle shampoo.

6.     Gently massage the scalp and the roots of your hair
We know that hair health begins at the scalp, so gently massage your scalp, make sure that you don’t use your fingernails and use minimal pressure. As per experts, you should consider two rounds of shampooing: the first one to remove the dirt build-up and use the second round for massaging your scalp. It will improve blood flow and stimulate hair growth.

7.     Leave your conditioner for 5 minutes
Apply conditioner properly mid- shaft downwards to the ends. With the conditioner in your hair detangle your hair with a wide-toothed comb. Leave on the conditioner for at least five minutes and wrap your hair in a towel. But make sure you don’t leave that for long, it may leave the residue in your hair.
8.     Extra care
Once a week, do use a conditioning mask. A hair mask will deepen the hydration and repair and will leave the hair lustrous and shiny. Leave it for some time and then rinse off gently.

9.     End up with cold water
You might be wondering that why cold water. But yes finish your shower with a cold water rinse. While warm water opens up the hair cuticle, a cold water rinse will seal them and lock the moisture in your scalp. So don’t forget to rinse off your hair with cold water before stepping out of the shower.

10. Gently towel dry
It is a very important step to ensure that you shake off the excess water. Towel drying is the best way to dry your hair. So wrap your hair in a towel and let it stay for a few minutes. Make sure that you don’t rub your hair vigorously, it will weaken your hair strands.

So follow these hair care tips to wash your hair thoroughly and properly and for better, shiny an long hair.