Benefits of green coriander| medicinal herb |Ayurvedic medicine

Chopped green coriander leaves into small pieces and sprinkles over your hot soup bowl or your favourite dish. The aroma of green coriander is amazing.

Green coriander has many medicinal properties. Its leaves, stems, seeds and roots, each provide a different taste.

Alternate name of  Green Coriander 

Botanical name: Coriandrum sativum

English: Coriander, Colante, Chinese parsley

Sanskrit: Dhanika

Hindi: coriander

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Medicinal properties of green coriander

The beautiful leaves of the picture are like a powerful natural cleaning element.

It is effectively used to clean heavy metals and toxic elements from the body.

Coriander is used to treat allergies, burning of the bladder (irritation while passing urinary bladder) and to treat skin-related allergic inflammation.

This improves life force and reduces pain. Fertility and abundance of vitamins A, B and C, it increases nutritional value when used in its food. Dietary appetite increases and hunger can be reduced.

Benefits of green coriander in Hindi

  1. Diarrhoea and allergies: Soak 1 spoon coriander in water throughout the night. Boil, drink and drink.
  2. Headache: Apply the juice of soft coriander leaves on the forehead.
    Extra bleeding in the menstrual period: Take the intensive decoction of coriander seeds with milk.
  3. Eyes: Wash the eyes regularly with the juice of coriander leaves. The decoction of coriander seeds gives relief to red and dry eyes.
  4. Acne and Black Wart: Put a pinch of turmeric in the juice of soft coriander leaves and apply it on the face and wash after drying.
  5. Cutting of animal: Drink the juice of 6-7 teaspoon coriander leaves. And paste the paste in the cut area.
  6. Mouth ulcers: Drink coriander seed decoction and rinse with it.
    Foul odour (bad breath): Take powder of coriander seeds on a fixed time and then take a powdered seed.
  7. Blisters of skin: Drink the decoction of the seed. Boil 1 teaspoon coriander seeds in water and place its paste on the affected area.
    Dryness of the mouth, pain in the stomach, haemorrhoids: drink decoction of coriander seeds.
  8. Haemorrhoids: Apply juice of coriander leaves in the nose.


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