Developing Better Communication During Sex

Most often we are much concerned about our health and the things that have a direct impact over it. Apart from the things and factors that affect it on a direct and regular basis. One such thing is sex. Yes, it has a direct impact over your health no matter if it is done or not. 

The spiritual aspects

Every time you go through sexual intercourse, your body experiences a number of energies that are liberated while the union takes place between two individuals.  The sexual energies that flow through the bodies are just another level of soulful upliftment that the individuals possess during the process. The whole process initiates the energies that flow through the bodies and gradually reach the apex of spirits of the individuals. This certain level of union brings the utmost upliftment on both sides. 

The Physical Aspects

If we look at the physical and biological aspects of sex, there are a lot of things that matter here too. Going through intercourse releases stress and relaxes the whole body which drives the sexual hormones to make the most of Union of two bodies. Sexual intercourse is an extremely intimate process that demands a properly balanced participation of two individuals to get the best out of it. It is equally important to stay grounded with the practical knowledge of the whole process.

So what should be considered?

Sex is an extremely intimate process and involves many possible complications that need to be handled with all the patient and persistence. To stay active and good in bed, the most important thing that one should keep in mind is that good communication between you and your partner can prove to the game-changer in the bed!

So what should be done to make the communication a better deal? Let’s have a sneak peek!

Open up to your partner

  • One of the most important and basic things to consider ! Sex an extremely intimate process which needs both of the persons to open up not just physically but mentally and emotionally as well. 
  • Without proper communication between the two things cannot be made smooth on either of the sides. 
  • Talk to your partner where do they want to get touched, the position they are comfortable in and whatever their preferences are. 
  • The more you will be comfortable verbally each other more you will be able to open up and have a complete sexual and heavenly experience.

Use Foreplay wisely

  • One of the greatest and effective ways to initiate conversation is to use foreplay techniques to build the compatibility between you and your partner that can help you both in initiating and caring on the movements and aligns perfectly. 
  • If in case you feel a little bit vulnerable or awkward talking during sex, foreplay can serve as a good way to incorporate better communication and this is to be tried before. 
  • Suppose, if you start talking about something you have been thinking about you supposedly set the groundwork before things can proceed. It is always good.

Look on the positive side 

  • Nevertheless, the importance and reliability of positivity cannot be underestimated or kept aside in any situation. 
  • As you start your movements, sometimes things may go smooth as per the expectation or may even fail on both of the sides.
  • But if you look carefully, you can surely find some positive things that might have occurred during the whole process. 
  • Yes, that’s the exact thing we are trying to point out. 
  • Start focusing on that and try to bring that out so that things can be perfectly balanced. Suggest something else that you really enjoy there.

Push your partner to share more 

  • One of the most important elements of overall communication is to build encouragement in each other open up with whatever they feel insecure or unstable about. 
  • Communication should not be left with any pit holes in it or else communication gaps may occur. 
  • Communication is a two-way process and one of the perfect ways to start having the conversation is to let the other person take the lead.
  • If you sense the person is anxious about something, try to help them tackle out the situation and let them speak first in the meantime.

Focus on body language

  • Another necessary thing to bear in mind. body language constitutes one of the major forms of communication that conveys the moods, intentions, thoughts, and feelings of a person. 
  • By the use of body language knowledge, we can easily analyze what a person is trying to signify to us.
  • If the noise work isn’t working for you anything to worry about this. body language can serve as a good way to communicate in this case. 
  • Whether you are directing their hand doing your movements, responding positively what they are doing, you are still making them perfectly compatible.