How to Build Muscle Mass Without Weights

Do you want to build strong muscles without lifting weights?

Building muscle mass without lifting weights is possible. For strong muscles, you need not to lift heavy weight.

There are many exercises that help you to gain muscle mass. According to research, If you master on your own body weight you could easily gain muscle mass.

Proper posture and right approach will help to build muscle mass in all body areas.

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Tips to Build Muscles Mass Without Weights

Body weight exercises – Pushup

Push up

To build muscles you can use your body weight. Push up is the best way to build muscle mass. There are many types of push up exercises. Master in three push up exercise first and after that add other push up exercises in your routine.

Build Muscles – Pull up

Pull ups

This is the exercise which you can do almost anywhere. For pull up you only need to the sturdy bar to hold onto. How many pull-ups you can do depend on your own fitness.

Building muscles through cardiovascular exercise


For better muscles mass you don’t need to lift the weight. For instance, walking or running every day at least 30 minutes can help you build muscles.

Running is considered a whole body exercise. Regular exercise can help you build muscles in your legs, core, and arms. It can burn you all body fat and make your muscles better.

Swimming for muscles building


Swimming is a full body workout. Swimming 3 times a week for 40 minutes helps in to build muscles.
Start swimming slower with less time lap and after every week add 5 minutes to the session.

Drink water at least 2-3 litre in a day

Drink Water

Keep your body hydrated. water is very essential for muscles. Water carries needed nutrients to your muscles. Drinking at least 2 to 3 litre of water in a day not only helps to build muscles good but also keep you away from another disease too.

Add protein in your food to grow muscles

Add Protein in your Diet

Protein plays a key role in building strong muscles. Add food in your diet which high amount of protein. Try to eat red meat, and green vegetables.

Sleep your way to build muscles naturally

Sleep for better muscles

Make sure you’re getting proper sleep at least for 8 hours. It helps to build muscles and provide energy.