Best Yoga Poses To Heal Thyroid Disorder

The human body has countless hormones that are essential for a healthy body. Imbalance in them can give birth to various diseases. Thyroid disorder is one of the most common ailments caused by an imbalance in the thyroid gland.

It is a small gland located in your throat that is responsible for controlling your body temperature, metabolism, and body growth. Though there are many medications available to cure thyroid disorder yet there are natural ways also to balance your thyroid hormone. That is practicing yoga for thyroid.

Here are the best poses of yoga for thyroid that you can practice every day to cure your thyroid disorder. Keep reading.

Top Poses of Yoga For Thyroid

Shoulder Stand

Shoulder stand

Also known as inverted pose, shoulder stand directly works on your thyroid gland. Moreover, it improves the governance of your endocrine system. The upside-down stance pushes fresh blood to your thyroid gland.

Moreover, the pressure applied on your neck while practicing the shoulder pose squeezes your stagnant thyroid hormone secretion. To practice this pose, lie down on the floor on your back. Keep your arms and legs lying by your side. Raise your legs over your head and support your back with your arms. Keep your legs straight for maximum time.

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Bridge Pose

Bridge Pose

It is one of the best poses of yoga for the thyroid to heal hypothyroidism. The bridge pose strengthens your neck, shoulders, and lower back. It further makes your hamstrings and hips strong. Thus, the bridge pose improves the blood circulation that helps with balancing your thyroid hormone. Make sure not to practice this pose if you are in the final weeks of your pregnancy.

To practice the bridge pose, lie on your back while folding your legs. Place your feet on the ground. Shift your weight on your feet. With a gentle push, raise your hips with the help of your feet and shoulders. If you feel uncomfortable, let your chin rest on your chest. Engage your core muscles and hold for maximum time.

Plow Pose

When it comes to stretching your neck, nothing comes par with the plow pose. It works towards balancing your thyroid gland, most importantly your hypothyroidism. Moreover, the plow pose stretches your hamstrings and glute muscles.

Your spine decompresses when you practice the plow pose. To start with, lie down on your back and raise your feet to touch them over your head. Ensure that you keep your legs straight when your feet touch the ground.

Fish Pose

Fish pose

The arch in your spine while practicing the fish pose pushes fresh blood into your thyroid gland. Thus, you experience a stretch in your neck, spine, and throat. It is one of the best poses of yoga for thyroid for people suffering from hypothyroidism.

Sit on the ground. Straighten your legs fully. Let your spine arch a bit and invert your head such that the top of your head touches the ground. Keep your arms lying by your side.

Cobra Pose

Cobra pose

People suffering from lower back pain, thyroid disorder, and weak shoulders can practice the cobra pose. The stretching stance of your neck and throat works on your thyroid gland. Moreover, this pose opens up your chest, heals neck pain, and strengthens your arms.

Simply lie on your stomach while supporting your upper body on your arms. Make sure that your lower body is in constant contact with the ground.

The above-mentioned yoga poses can help your control your thyroid hormone. Thus, you can balance your thyroid gland naturally without using any medications. Over time, you witness a drastic change in your thyroid hormone levels.

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