The Best Yoga Poses to Fight Knee Pain

One of the most prominent pains that cater through almost all category of people is knee pain. Knee joints constitute the majority of joints in our body. These knee joints are more prone to injuries and pains.  To cure the situation, we’re gonna discuss some yoga poses to fight knee pain.

As you might know, practicing yoga regularly is not just fruitful for overall body development. It is also known to cure joint pains. Practicing yoga poses can be of extreme benefit for those who suffer from knee and other joint pains.

Various categories of people suffer from knee joints and another similar kind of problems which can be cured with medication and proper treatment. But apart from this, you can also prefer to go for yoga poses that are not only beneficial for your knee pain but overall body relief. So now let us look at various yoga poses to fight knee pain, that are beneficial for other joint pain problems as well –

1.    Tadasana – One of the best yoga poses to cure knee pain is Tadasana (Mountain Pose), especially for the beginners. It helps in increasing the flexibility of muscles and develops strength in joints like knees and ankle. It is effective to increase height and improve the stability of your body. You need to stay in the pose for around 1 minute mean by breathing slowly and easily. If you are a beginner it may get a bit difficult for you but with practice, you can get used to it. It improves posture and develops a fine balance between joints. It also strengthens muscles and reduces flat feet.

2.    Bridge Pose (Setu Bandha Sarvangasana) – Bridge pose strengthens the hamstrings and provides strength and stability to the knees. Follow the step song bridge pose-

  • Lie down on your back with your feet on the floor and knees bent.
  • Place down your arms with your palm and face down. Walk towards your heels with your fingers to bring your ankle right under your knees.
  • Keep your abs engaged.
  • Press your palms and start slowly inhaling to lift your hips with the front-facing towards the ceiling. Let it be there for some time.
  • Hold for around eight to ten minutes and breaths slowly and simultaneously.

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It can bring a great amount of energy, and help in restoring the lost stamina and vitality. One thing that you need to take care of is that you should avoid this pose until and unless you’re practicing it under the training of an experienced supervisor.

3.    Reclined Hand to Big Toe Pose (Supta Padangusthasana) – This pose is beneficial for not just getting relief from knee pain problems but it is good for the overall general health of stretching areas of our hamstrings and freeing our hip flexors. The pose doesn’t require any kind of rotation or abduction and the exact thing will allow you to stretch the knees on both the sides. There are some basic instructions that you should keep in mind while practicing Big Toe Pose yoga pose.

  • Keep your curve natural. Don’t force your lumbar spine to be flat.
  • Keep your toes and knees proper straight facing towards the ceiling
  • Keep the legs on ground active while the knees and toes pointing up.
  • Use your hand to bring it forward towards the chest area. Keeping track of your flexibility.
  • Repeat the same posture multiple times and of course, on both the sides.
yoga poses to fight knee pain

4.    Virabhadrasana – Also known as warrior pose, Virabhadrasana can bring and build a greater amount of strength and alignment as far as knee pain is concerned. If you practice this properly and regularly, it can easily strengthen your inner quad muscles which are responsible for directing the pull of our outer quad. But the only problem you are exposed to while practicing this is that it will need your muscle to strengthen, awaken and get to work as most of the times our inner quad is usually weak and underutilized. Due to this extra pre-practice work needs to be done before doing this.

yoga poses to fight knee pain