5 Pregnancy signs you should never ignore

Pregnancy is one of the happiest moments of couples even though the process of its detection can be complicated as the pregnancy signs keep varying in every woman. For any woman to judge that she is pregnant can be critical.

Pregnancy clues are vital for you to notice about the changes happening with your body. The symptoms of pregnancy can start appearing from the fourth week, and you may not see any sign during the first trimester of your pregnancy depending upon the cycle. But when observed it can be quite easy for you to detect your pregnancy scope which may appear within two to three weeks of missing periods.

Pregnancy signs

The signs of pregnancy in every woman vary depending upon her body cycle. I have enlisted some causes which can help you to detect your pregnancy signs:

Nausea or Fatigue

You are feeling fatigue in the morning though having a good sleep can be an inherent part of pregnancy symptom. You will feel nausea, the primary sign of pregnancy followed by vomiting in the morning. However, nausea or fatigue might appear because of traveling or stress.

Tenderness in Your Breasts

You might experience pain or tenderness in your breasts. Even you may notice veins in your chest becoming visible or darker along with swelling in the breasts. When you suddenly see that your clothes are getting shrink over your waistline leading to abnormal bloating or enlargement, it’s the time to consult your doctor for your pregnancy confirmation.

Missed Periods

Whenever you notice a missed period in your cycle, you must visit a doctor because it can be related to various other health problems. Missing a period is always considered as first and the most prominent signs of pregnancy. But sometimes delay in your periods can be due to hormonal changes as well.

Urination Urge

Frequent urination discharge in your body can be one of the signs of pregnancy that can continue up to the later stages of pregnancy. The urge to urinate creates pressure on the urinary bladder, and you may feel the need to use washroom more often.

Some Other Signs

Other possible signs of your pregnancy at the moment of conception can be elevated body temperatures, dizziness, backaches, lower abdominal cramps, food cravings, heartburns, excessive salivation, etc.

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